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Status Recruitment Topic Participants Details
Positioning to improve lung function in preterm infants requiring ventilatory support ACTRN12606000210572 judith.hough@mater.org.au Recruitment complete
The effect of active chest physiotherapy techniques on regional ventilation on preterm infants on ventilatory support ACTRN12606000211561 Judy Hough Recruitment complete
Efficacy of an oral health promotion intervention in the prevention of early childhood caries Kamila Plutzer Recruitment complete
Phototherapy and Patency of the Ductus Arteriosus in Extremely Preterm infants: A randomised Trial Karen Simmer Recruitment complete
A double blind randomised controlled trial comparing the efficacy and safety of an olive oil based lipid emulsion (Clinoleic) to a soybean oil based lipid emulsion (Intralipid) in very preterm infants requiring parenteral nutrition Karen Simmer Recruitment complete
BAMBINO - A randomized controlled trial using exercise to reduce gestational diabetes and other adverse maternal and neonatal outcomes in obese pregnant women - the pilot study ACTRN12606000271505 Katie Foxcroft katie_foxcroft@health.qld.gov.au Recruitment complete
DART Trial - Postnatal Dexamethasone in tiny babies: does it do more good than harm? PT0359/NHMRC108700 Royal Women's Hospital Melbourne Lex Doyle Recruitment complete
COIN Trial: Nasal CPAP (continuing positive airways pressure) or intubation for very preterm infants at birth. A randomised controlled trial PT0368/ACTRN012606000258550 Royal Women's Hospital, Melbourne Colin Morley Recruitment complete
Postnatal Perineal Pain Project ACTRN12609000555257 Kristen Rickard Recruitment complete
VIBES PLUS - A randomised trial of preventative care at home in very preterm infants on neurosensory outcome at 2 years of age ACTRN12605000492651 Royal Women's Hospital, Vic Lex Doyle Recruitment complete
REPIT - A Randomised trial of an early parenting intervention to reduce maternal mood disorder and infant behaviour disturbance ACTRN12606000063516 Lauren Matheson Recruitment complete
A randomised controlled trial of the effect of physiotherapy intervention on pelvic floor dysfunction in postpartum women PT0514 Laurie Breheny Recruitment complete
MORP - A prospective comparison of early post-operative analgesia in Caesarean Section using bilateral ilio-inguinal block and sub-cutaneous morphine ACTRN12605000771651 Royal Women's Hospital, Vic Phil Popham Discontinued
Early intervention of multiple home visits to prevent childhood obesity among a disadvantaged population : a home-based randomised controlled trial Healthy Beginnings ACTRN120607000168459 Li Ming Wen Recruitment complete
Evaluating the impact of the Belly Bra on back pain in pregnancy ACTRN12605000270617 Louise Kornman Recruitment complete
Telephone reminders to improve the follow-up rate for neonatal intensive care graduates M J Ross Recruitment complete
PICOP - Use of chlorhexidine as a topical antiseptic for the prevention of nosocomial infection in premature neonates < 29 weeks: a blinded randomised controlled trial RPA Women's and Babies sandie@email.cs.nsw.gov.au Recruitment complete
STINT - Does the use of an introducer (stylet) improve the success rate at orotracheal intubation in newborn infants ACTRN12607000186459 RWH, Vic Liam O'Connell Recruitment complete
Dietary nucleotide supplementation Maria Makrides Recruitment complete
Furosemide for packed red cell transfusion in preterm infants: a randomized controlled trial martin.kluckow@sydney.edu.au Recruitment complete
A randomised controlled trial of Baby Triple P: an evaluation of an antenatal parenting program to improve parental responsiveness in first-time parents ACTRN12613000948796 School of Psychology, University of Queensland mandy.mihelic@uq.net.au Recruitment complete
MEDSTORM - The use of skin conductance monitoring to predict severe hypotension after spinal anaesthesia for elective caesarean section Michael Paech Recruitment complete
The Motherhood Choices Decision Aid for Women with Rheumatoid Arthritis Increases Knowledge and Reduces Decisional Conflict: A Randomized Controlled Study ACTRN12615000523505 School of Social Science and Psychology, University of Western Sydney t.meade@uws.edu.au Recruitment complete
WIPPET - The effect of levobupivicaine Wound Infusion, for 24 hours, on Postoperative Pain after caEsarean secTion - a prospective, randomised, double-blind parallel-group placebo controlled clinical trial ACTRN12605000241639 Michael Paech Discontinued
A Randomised Double Blind Crossover Trial of Intranasal Versus Epidural Fentanyl Patient Controlled Analgesia for Pain Relief after Caesarean Section ACTRN12605000327684 michael.paech@health.wa.gov.au Suspended
Effect of humidified and non humidified T piece resuscitation on admission temperatures in preterm infants <32 weeks: a randomised controlled trial ACTRN12609000694213 mmeyer@middlemore.co.nz Recruitment complete
Evaluation of a Decision Aid for women with a breech-presenting baby PT0512/ISRCTN14570598/NHMRC211051&262041 Natasha Nassar Recruitment complete
TRIGR - Primary Prevention Study for Type 1 Diabetes in Children at Risk NCT00179777 Neville Howard Recruitment complete
Does early whooping cough (pertussis) vaccination provide earlier antibody protection for infants? A pilot study to determine the appropriate design for a trial of acellular pertussis vaccine given at birth? ACTRN12605000013662 Nicholas Wood Recruitment complete
A randomised controlled trial comparing daily (400 IU) and single bolus dosing (50,000 IU) of vitamin D in healthy breastfed infants of vitamin D deficient mothers ACTRN12613001234707 Sunshine Hospital
julie.huynh@wh.org.au; christine.rodda@unimelb.edu.au
Recruitment complete
Prevention of low systemic blood flow and brain injury in very preterm babies using Milrinone PT0390 Nick Evans Recruitment complete
TIPP - Trial of indomethacin prophylaxis in preterms NCT00009646 Peter Davis Recruitment complete
MIOH-DS pilot - Piloting of a Midwife Initiated Oral Health-Dental Service (MIOH-DS) to improve the oral health of pregnant women ACTRN12610000794000 Sydney South West Area Health Service/University of Western Sydney Dr Ajesh George Recruitment complete
Examining the effectiveness of a creative-arts therapy, antenatal intervention program in comparison with an informal ante-natal birth support group for first-time mothers, on reducing levels of depression, anxiety and the use of analgesics during labour ACTRN12606000051549 Primrose White Recruitment complete
Continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) weaning trial ACTRN12606000155594 The Canberra Hospital, ACT Chetan Pandit Recruitment complete
Randomised double cross over study of assisted control ventilation (A/C) versus intermittent ventilation (IMV) in preterm babies weaning off ventilation PT0366 R Lau Recruitment complete
A group randomised trial of two methods for disseminating a smoking cessation programme to public antenatal clinics: effects on patient outcomes Raoul Walsh Recruitment complete
Midwife-led debriefing after operative birth: four to six year follow-up of a randomised trial Rhonda Small Recruitment complete
POINT - Safety and efficacy of pentoxifylline as a treatment for preventing the progression of necrotising enterocolitis in preterm neonates - A randomised placebo controlled pilot trial ACTRN12606000257561 sanjay.patole@health.wa.gov.au Recruitment complete
PANTS - A randomised placebo controlled pilot trial on the safety and efficacy of a probiotic product in reducing all case mortality and definite necrotizing enterocolitis in preterm very low birthweight neonates ACTRN12609000374268 sanjay.patole@health.wa.gov.au Recruitment complete
McMOPS - McRoberts manoeuvre or pushing study NCT00116246 Sheila Mulvey Discontinued
TRiM - Trial for Reducing Weight Retention in New Mums: a randomised controlled trial investigating the effectiveness of an innovative postpartum weight loss program in new mothers ACTRN12611000873921 shelley.wilkinson@mater.org.au Recruitment complete
MBB - A pilot study to test recruitment methods, feasibility and study procedures for a planned randomised controlled trial of the MindBabyBody program: an antenatal mindfulness intervention to reduce depression, stress and anxiety ACTRN12613000742774 The Royal Women's Hospital, Parkville, Vic hannah.woolhouse@mcri.edu.au Recruitment complete
HIPSTER Trial - High Flow Nasal Cannulae as Primary Support in the Treatment of Early Respiratory Distress ACTRN12613000303741 The Royal Women's Hospital, Vic calum.roberts@thewomens.org.au Recruitment complete
Nasal versus face mask for multiple-breath washout technique in preterm infants SM Schulzke Recruitment complete
WIP - Weighing In Pregnancy ACTRN12610000331033 The Royal Women's Hospital, Vic Fiona Brownfoot Recruitment complete
A postnatal support program and its effect on breastfeeding duration PT0379 Sue McDonald Recruitment complete
A preventative intervention for illicit drug using mothers and their infants Sue McDonald Recruitment complete
Effects of probiotics on atopic dermatitis: a randomised controlled trial Susan Prescott Recruitment complete
A comparison of axillary and tympanic temperature recording in the preterm and term infant ACTRN12608000213347 The Townsville Hospital, Qld
Jacqueline Smith
Recruitment complete