Interdisciplinary Maternal Perinatal Australasian Collaborative Trials (IMPACT) Network

The Interdisciplinary Maternal Perinatal Australasian Collaborative Trials (IMPACT) Network was formed in 1994 within the then Australian Perinatal Society and in 1997 became a subcommittee of the Perinatal Society of Australia and New Zealand (PSANZ) dedicated to improvement of maternal and perinatal health by promoting well-designed randomised controlled trials (RCTs), and dissemination and application of their results.

This website has been developed for investigators, health care professionals and consumers to learn more about the conduct of clinical trials, the clinical trials in maternal and perinatal health taking place across Australia and New Zealand, and how the IMPACT Network for Improving Mothers and Babies Health can facilitate the design and set-up, execution and timely completion of these trials.

News & Events

  • IMPACT Network Concept Development Workshop

    Do you have an idea for a clinical trial?

    The IMPACT Network Trial Concept Development Workshop is a great place to further develop your idea! At the workshop, we will help you progress your trial concept, taking it from an idea through to a structured plan for a large collaborative multicentre clinical trial.

    We encourage you to submit your ideas even if all the details are not yet ironed out. This is an ideal opportunity to get input and guidance. The end result may be a pilot study, trial protocol or a funding application.


    Trials that have been developed at previous workshops and gone on to be successfully funded include:

    • PreBabe

    • Slipp Trial

    • WashT

    • Protect Me

    • SurfsUp

    • PreCede

    • C*Steroid

    Workshop Aims

    This highly interactive and collaborative workshop aims to further support the development of maternal and perinatal clinical trials within the IMPACT Network. Held over two days, the workshop will be guided by highly experienced facilitators who will support you taking your trial from idea to fully fleshed out concept and supported by experts in all aspects of clinical trials from over Australia and New Zealand to also provide information, advice, and guidance.


    • Senior IMPACT Network members

    • Expert trialists, health economics, ethics, statistics and more!

    • IMPACT Network Consumer representation

    Who should attend?

    • Concept investigators and collaborators: bring along your team and brainstorm your concept with expert input from colleagues experienced in clinical trials design and conduct

    • Emerging researchers and those wishing to observe and gain skills in the process of clinical trial development

    • Consumers interested in clinical trial research in maternal and perinatal health

    • Clinicians and researchers in maternal and perinatal health interested in new collaborations

    Concept Submissions
    These should be made online by clicking here and submitted by 16th July 2023


    Kerry Packer Education Centre

    Royal Prince Alfred Hospital

    Workshop Timing
    11th -12th August 2023 

    Workshop Pricing

    Medical staff / Non-IMPACT members - $100

    Midwives / Students / IMPACT members - $50

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