About Us

Over the last 20+ years the IMPACT Network has provided a collaborative and supportive environment for researchers developing randomised trials in maternal and perinatal health. Bi-annual network meetings have served as productive peer review forums for the discussion of trials in the “idea” and “planning” phases, as well as opportunity to trouble shoot on-going trial issues. Collectively IMPACT Network members have led over 500 trials in the area of maternal and perinatal health since 1994 and close to 100 of these have been multicentre studies. These trials have provided new knowledge on priority research questions guiding health care for mothers and babies. Many have led to important changes in clinical practice recommendations bi-nationally and globally.

In addition to our bi-annual meetings, the IMPACT Network has organised educational workshops on RCT design, building the extensive research capacity necessary for running high quality RCTs. Significant expertise has developed across Australia and New Zealand leading to the development of successful trial coordinating centres and methodological hubs, that with grant-funded infrastructure are able to conduct high quality multicentre RCTs and support smaller innovative or feasibility studies and provide support and mentorship to emerging researchers.

In this new phase of the IMPACT Network, which includes network membership of the multidisciplinary Australian Clinical Trials Alliance, collaboration between these centres and hubs will be strengthened, further building capacity and support for our future generations of investigators.

Our Vision

Optimal health of mothers and babies through addressing important clinical questions, thereby supporting evidence-based decision-making by consumers, health practitioners, and policy makers.

Our Mission

To enhance the conduct of high quality, collaborative, investigator-driven randomised controlled trials (RCTs) addressing priority questions in maternal and perinatal health, and to ensure timely dissemination of their results and incorporation into practice.

Core Values

The core values of the PSANZ IMPACT Network are:

  • Collaboration
    • Engagement with all maternity hospitals and individuals across all health care disciplines, parent groups and indigenous groups across Australia and New Zealand
    • Engagement with relevant professional colleges
    • Opportunities to meet with other IMPACT Network members and potential members to build effective research partnerships
    • Sharing of resources and expertise in a sustainable, mutually beneficial way
    • Support establishment of investigator-led clinical trials in health generally, for quality as well as economic value of care
    • Forging international perinatal partnerships

  • Open communication

    • Accountable and transparent processes within the IMPACT Network and its governance structures

  • Quality and relevance
    • Promotion of high quality, investigator-led RCTs
    • Active support for investigator-led multicentre RCTs that address priority areas aiming to improve outcomes for mothers and babies
    • Planned approaches to identifying and addressing key research priorities
  • Best practice to improve health outcomes
    • Opportunity for all mothers and babies to participate in high quality RCTs as part of their routine maternity care across Australia and New Zealand when there is uncertainty about the most effective form of care
    • Participation of all health care practitioners in relevant RCTs
    • Promotion of RCTs to mothers and babies at greatest risk across Australia and New Zealand and among our neighbouring countries in Asia Oceania
    • Adherence to appropriate completion and dissemination timelines for all trials conducted within the IMPACT Network
    • Declarations of interest by all IMPACT Network members included in all presentations and manuscripts
    • Facilitate Australian/New Zealand Involvement in international multicentre studies that address priority perinatal research questions
  • Raising awareness
    • Raising awareness and promoting the value of RCTs in health care for mothers and babies to other researchers, policy makers and the general community
    • Education of parents and communities on the rationale and methods of RCTs
  • Investment in the future
    • Supporting Early and Middle Career investigators to ensure high calibre, internationally recognised clinical trialists of the future; and ensure appropriate succession planning for success of future trials and the IMPACT Network
    • Educating consumers and the community on RCTs rationale and methods
  • Trust and confidentiality
    • Membership based on mutual trust and respect among members and collaborative research groups to which they belong
    • Maintenance of confidentiality of trial results generated by endorsed IMPACT Network trials with appropriate safeguards and consent procedures for use in grant applications and presentations
  • Partnership with mothers and their families

    • Involvement of parents as equal partners to ensure relevant trial questions and outcome measures
    • Engagement to promote clinical trial participation