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Status Recruitment Topic Participants Details
MBM - My Baby’s Movements: a stepped wedge cluster randomised controlled trial to raise maternal awareness of fetal movements during pregnancy ACTRN12614000291684 Mater Research Institute - The University of Queensland u.chandrasiri@mater.uq.edu.au Not yet recruiting
IMPACT endorsed
Stillbirth prevention. Fetal surveillance. Parental social and emotional wellbeing. Pregnant women without any congenital abnormalities
FAST - Comparison of the probability of live birth after elective freezing of all embryos versus standard fresh embryo transfer in patients undergoing in-vitro fertilisation (IVF) ACTRN12616000643471 IVF Australia Southern Sydney, St George Private Hospital, NSW
Dr Christos Venetis
Not yet recruiting Reproductive medicine, IVF fertilisation methods, embryo transfer Women undergoing fertility treatment
The impact of pH on fertilisation in human oocytes ACTRN12617000230358 Westmead Fertility Centre; Westmead Hospital, Westmead NSW 2145
Dr Cecilia Sjoblom
Not yet recruiting Reproductive medicine, IVF fertilisation methods Women
Hominax for improving sperm health ACTRN12616000194460 National Institute of Complementary Medicine, Western Sydney University, Campbelltown Campus, Penrith NSW 2751
Prof Caroline Smith
Not yet recruiting Reproductive medicine, infertility, male factor Men undergoing fertility treatment
Quad P-twins - Pessary or Progesterone to Prevent Preterm delivery in women with a twin pregnancy and short cervical length ACTRN12616000875404 The University of Adelaide, University Department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology, North Adelaide, SA 5006
Prof Ben Mol
Not yet recruiting Preterm birth prevention, cervical pessary Pregnant women, twins
PROMISE - The utility of predicting intrapartum fetal compromise at term using fetal cerebro-umbilical ratio and maternal placental growth factor ACTRN12616001009404 Mater Research Institute/University of Queensland, South Brisbane, QLD 4
Prof Sailesh Kumar
Not yet recruiting Pregnancy, prediction, intrapartum fetal distress Postnatal women
ToBOGM - The Treatment Of BOoking Gestational diabetes Mellitus Study: Evaluating the impact on obstetric outcomes of immediate versus delayed care for gestational diabetes diagnosed at booking ACTRN12616000924459 Western Sydney University, School of Medicine, Campbelltown, NSW 2751
Prof David Simmons
Not yet recruiting Pregnancy, gestational diabetes Pregnant women
Post partum haemorrhage (PPH) prevention: oxytocin pharmacokinetics and maternal body mass index (BMI) ACTRN12617000176369 Department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology, Monash University, Monash Medical Centre, Clayton, Victoria 3168
Prof Euan M. Wallace
Not yet recruiting Postpartum haemorrhage, prevention, pharmacokinetics Birthing women
Surgical transversus abdominis plane (TAP) blocks for post-operative pain relief following lower segment caesarean section (LSCS) under spinal anaesthesia ACTRN12617000589381 The Royal Women's Hospital, Victoria 3052
Dr James Griffiths
Not yet recruiting Post partum, pain management, caesarean section, surgical block Birthing women
Parenting from the start: Evaluating a preventative intervention to improve outcomes for first-time mothers and their babies ACTRN12617000321347 School of Psychology, Massey University Manawatu Campus, Palmerston North 4442, New Zealand
Ms Leith Anna Pugmire
Not yet recruiting Parenting support Pregnant women
SPRING - Probiotics for the prevention of gestational diabetes in overweight and obese women ACTRN12611001208998 Royal Brisbane and Women`s Hospital, QLD l.callaway@uq.edu.au Not yet recruiting Obesity. Diabetes
SCION trial - Evaluation of automated control of oxygen therapy in extremely preterm infants ACTRN12616000301460 Dept of Paediatrics, Royal Hobart Hospital, Hobart, TAS 7000
Prof Peter Dargaville
Not yet recruiting Newborn, respiratory, extremely preterm infants Extremely preterm newborns
A randomised controlled trial of the use of a respiratory function monitor to teach neonatal mask ventilation to healthcare professionals in a simulation setting ACTRN12616000542493 Newborn Research Centre, Royal Women's Hospital, VIC 3052
Dr Eoin O Currain
Not yet recruiting Newborn, respiratory, clinician training Healthcare professionals
SO3 trial - Can omega-3 fatty acids reduce cardiovascular risk in children born with poor fetal growth: the Small baby Omega-3 ACTRN12616000053426 Boden Institute of Obesity, Nutrition, Exercise and Eating Disorders, The University of Sydney, Camperdown, NSW 2006
A/Prof Michael Skilton
Not yet recruiting Newborn, nutrition, small-for-gestational-age Newborns, small for gestational age
CIRCA DIEM ACTRN12618000371291p Jane Pillow
The University of Western Australia
Not yet recruiting
IMPACT endorsed
Newborn – developmental
Babies born at < 31 weeks and 6 days postmenstrual age. Have initial care at a perinatal centre where routine care does not include individual environmental light/noise cycling.
VINE Study - Videolaryngoscopy for Intubation of Neonates: an Evaluation - a randomised controlled study ACTRN12613000159752 Department of Newborn Research, Royal Women's Hospital, Vic joyce.oshea@thewomens.org.au Not yet recruiting Newborn resuscitation. Newborn respiratory
PLUSS - Preventing Chronic Lung Disease in Extremely Preterm Infants Using Surfactant + Steroid ACTRN12617000322336 Newborn Research Centre, The Royal Women's Hospital, Parkville, Victoria 3052
Dr Omar Kamlin
Not yet recruiting Newborn respiratory, extremeley low birthweight, chronic lung disease prevention Extremely preterm newborns
RHINO - A study of intranasal remifentanil for intubation and surfactant administration in neonates ACTRN12612000386831 John Hunter Children's Hospital, NSW Ian.Wright@hnehealth.nsw.gov.au Not yet recruiting Newborn respiratory
A randomised controlled trial evaluating the effectiveness of a nurse-moderated group-based internet support program for mothers with comorbid mild to moderate depression and parenting problems ACTRN12616001732471 Research &amp, Dept Paediatrics, University of Adelaide, South Australia 5006
Prof Michael Sawyer
Not yet recruiting Maternal mental health, support Postnatal women
Melatonin to improve induction of labour: a double blind, randomised, placebo controlled trial ACTRN12616000311459 Hudson Institute of Medical Research, 27-31 Wright St, Clayton VIC 3168
Dr Miranda Davies-Tuck
Not yet recruiting Labour, induction methods, cervical ripening Pregnant women; prolonged pregnancy
Comparing two methods of starting an induction of labour in pregnant women (balloon at home versus hormone gel in hospital) to assess chance of vaginal birth ACTRN12616000739415 Department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology, FMHS, University of Auckland; Auckland
Dr Michelle Wise
Not yet recruiting Labour, induction methods Pregnant women, low risk
Antenatal education for epidural anaesthesia in labour - a pilot study ACTRN12611000710921 kate@footsurgeon.com.au Not yet recruiting Labour and intrapartum care
Comparison of the reliability of continuous with intermittent blood pressure monitoring during Caesarean section under spinal anaesthesia ACTRN1261100026921 Department of Anaesthesia, The Royal Womens Hospital thomas.mccarthy@thewomens.org.au Not yet recruiting Labour and intrapartum care
Transversus abdominis plane block, performed by an ultrasound or landmark technique, as part of a multimodal analgesic regimen for post caesarean section analgesia: a randomised controlled trial King Edward Memorial Hospital for Women, Perth nolan.mcdonnell@health.wa.gov.au Not yet recruiting Labour and intrapartum care
ROSA - Transient hip and knee flexion for rapid onset spinal anaesthesia for caesarean section, a randomised control study ACTRN12614000893606 allan.cyna@health.sa.gov.au Not yet recruiting Labour and intrapartum care Parturients having elective lower segment caesarean section under spinal anaesthesia
Enhanced care and support in early labour trial ecsel ACTRN12613000161729 Mother & Child Health Research, La Trobe University m.davey@latrobe.edu.au Not yet recruiting Labour and intrapartum care
Investigating the utility of the customised fetal growth chart: a randomised controlled trial ACTRN12612001215819 Mater Medical Research Institute QLD kgibbons@mmri.mater.org.au Not yet recruiting Fetal growth
Effects of early caesarean delivery on perinatal outcomes of intrauterine opiate exposed infants Not yet recruiting Drug use in pregnancy
Primary prevention of gestational diabetes for women who are overweight and obese: a randomised controlled trial ACTRN12613000125729 Deakin University School of Nursing and Midwifery cate.nagle@deakin.edu.au Not yet recruiting Diabetes. Obesity
Does low level laser therapy reduce pain levels in cracked or grazed nipples in breastfeeding Western Australian women? ACTRN12611000544976 laura.snowball@postgrad.curtin.edu.au Not yet recruiting Breastfeeding
IMPACT Online Study - Improving Public Awareness of Clinical Trials through online questionnaires ACTRN12613001337763 NHMRC Clinical Trials Centre, University of Sydney williamtm@med.usyd.edu.au Not yet recruiting
LEAP-1 - Lactoferrin trial: bovine lactoferrin or ferrous sulphate ACTRN12614000988651 NHMRC Clinical Trials Centre, University of Sydney williamtm@med.usyd.edu.au Not yet recruiting
Assessment of pregnant women undertaking daily weighing, compared to standard care, in gaining target pregnancy weight gain ACTRN12613001165774 Redcliffe Hospital, QLD s.mcgrath@uq.edu.au Not yet recruiting
Torpido2 - Targeted Oxygenation in the Resuscitation of Premature Infants: Effects on Developmental Outcome ACTRN12615000115538 Royal Hospital for Women, Randwick j.oei@unsw.edu.au Not yet recruiting
Optimisation of Glycaemic Control in the Setting of Antenatal Corticosteroid Administration in Pregnancies Complicated by Diabetes ACTRN12614001083684 Royal Prince Alfred Hospital arianne.sweeting@sswahs.nsw.gov.au Not yet recruiting
HEADS UP Study. A Randomised Controlled Clinical Trial comparing C-MAC (Trademark) Videolaryngoscope Intubation with Direct Laryngoscope Intubation in Neonates. ACTRN12614001134617 Royal Prince Alfred Hospital, Camperdown Sarah.Bellhouse@sswahs.nsw.gov.au Not yet recruiting
Evaluating web-based pelvic floor muscle education for pregnant women ACTRN12613000192785 School of Physiotherapy, The University of Notre Dame, WA anne-marie.hill@nd.edu.au Not yet recruiting
INPUT - Improving New Parents' Understanding of a Trial ACTRN12613001381774 South Western Sydney Local Health District HREC williamtm@med.usyd.edu.au Not yet recruiting
BLEED Trial - An Australian study evaluating a specialised blood collection drape to improve midwives' estimation of blood loss during labour ACTRN12613000628741 St Vincents & Mercy Private Hospital - Mercy campus sharon.licqurish@acu.edu.au Not yet recruiting
OSSIES - Obese Subcuticular Sutures versus Interrupted Evaluation at caesarean Section: a randomised control trial ACTRN12613001327774 Sunshine Hospital, St Albans, Vic c.a.whigham@doctors.net.uk; drcwhigham@hotmail.com Not yet recruiting
MASK study - A comparison of different round masks for intermittent positive pressure ventilation in preterm infants prior to intubation ACTRN12614000709640 The Royal Women's Hospital - Parkville lorraine.mcgrory@thewomens.org.au Not yet recruiting
Investigating side-lying for bottle feeding preterm infants on respiratory support ACTRN12613000765752 The Royal Womens Hospital jennifer.dawson@thewomens.org.au Not yet recruiting
TOCC - Timing of Cord Clamping Study: Early versus delayed cord clamping and is effects on infant heart rate and oxygen saturation in the first minutes after birth ACTRN12614000253606 The Royal Women's Hospital, Vic omar.kamlin@thewomens.org.au; jennifer.dawson@the womens.org.au Not yet recruiting
PR.E.P.A.RE - PRimigravidas Experiencing Post-dates and Acupressure REsearch. A randomised controlled trial of acupressure to assist spontaneous labour for women who are pregnant for the first time experiencing post-date pregnancy; pilot study ACTRN12613000145707 Antenatal Clinics Maternity Services, Gosford Hospital, NSW lmollart@nsccahs.health.nsw.gov.au Not yet recruiting
TeleGDM - Telemedicine for Insulin Treated Gestational Diabetes Mellitus ACTRN12614000934640 The University of Melbourne tshepo.rasekaba@unimelb.edu.au Not yet recruiting
POP Study - Pregnancy Outcomes after Pre-pregnancy weight loss in obese women ACTRN12614001160628 University of Melbourne j.proietto@unimelb.edu.au Not yet recruiting
Development of Breastfeeding Skills in Preterm Infants ACTRN12615000245594 Centre for Neonatal Research and Education<br>The University of Western Australia Karen.simmer@uwa.edu.au Not yet recruiting
PINTO feasibility study - Feasibility trial for PINTO: pre-diabetes in pregnancy, can early intensive management and lifestyle advice improve outcomes? ACTRN12615000904572 University of Otago, Christchurch Women's Hospital ruth.hughes@cdhb.health.nz Not yet recruiting
Improving primary care for Aboriginal mothers and babies in the Kimberley region of Western Australia: a population and region based cluster randomised trial driven by local health service providers University of Western Australia Not yet recruiting
STORK - Improving access to primary care for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander babies in Western Australia. The ?Stork? stepped wedge randomised controlled trial ACTRN12615000976583 University of Western Australia karen.edmond@uwa.edu.au Not yet recruiting