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Status Recruitment Topic Participants Details
PRISM - Program of Resources, Information and Support for Mothers ISRCTN03464021; NHMRC191215; PT0523 La Trobe University (Australia): Prof Judith Lumley Recruitment complete
RUCC - RCT of Umbilical Cord Clamping Recruitment complete
Effect of omeprazole on acid gastroesophageal reflux and gastric acidity in preterm infants with pathological acid reflux Recruitment complete
Enteral glucose and electrolyte solution versus IV fluids Recruitment complete
Accuracy of clinical assessment of infant heart rate in the delivery room Recruitment complete
A randomised crossover trial of two algorithms for managing desaturation episodes in ventilated premature infants Recruitment complete
Cervical occlusion in women with cervical insufficiency: randomised, controlled trial with cerclage, with and without cervical occlusion NCT01737788 Recruitment complete Preterm birth ? prevention and treatment
CHIPS trial: Control of Hypertension In Pregnancy Study ISRCTN71416914 / NCT01192412 Recruitment complete Maternal medical conditions. Preeclampsia
FLORIAN - In extremely low birth weight (ELBW) infants who require positive pressure at birth does the use of a respiratory Function Monitor reduce face mask leak and improve the target tidal volume in the first ten minutes of life? ACTRN12608000357358 The Royal Women's Hospital, Melbourne: georg.schmoelzer@thewomens.org.au Recruitment complete
Targeting duration of indomethacin treatment to the PDA constrictive response using echocardiography: a randomised controlled trial Recruitment complete Newborn cardiovascular
SUPPOSE - Randomised controlled trial of prophylactic glycerol suppositories on gastric emptying and feed tolerance in premature infants Recruitment complete Newborn nutrition
Efficacy and safety of Insulin Detemir versus NPH insulin in pregnant women with type 1 diabetes NCT00474045 Recruitment complete Diabetes
Study evaluating pantoprazole in neonates and preterm infants with GERD NCT00362609 Recruitment complete
Efficacy and safety of esomeprazole once daily for the treatment of GERD in neonatal patients NCT00427635 Recruitment complete
MobileMums: a randomized controlled trial of an SMS -based physical activity intervention. Recruitment complete Parental social and emotional wellbeing
Determining the best method of Nellcor pulse oximeter sensor application in neonates Recruitment complete
Walking versus lying to prevent hypotension following spinal anaesthesia for caesarean section ACTRN12606000391572 allan Cyna Recruitment complete Labour and intrapartum care. Maternal medical conditions Pregnant women having spinal anaesthesia prior to caesarean section
The ICE Pilot - Inadvertent dural puncture in labour: Intrathecal catheter versus epidural ACTRN12608000009314 allan Cyna Discontinued Labour and intrapartum care
Making Choices for Childbirth: A Randomized Controlled Trial of a Decision-aid for Informed Birth after Caesarean PTO383 Allison Shorten Recruitment complete
Stabil Study - Fish oil for mood stabilization during pregnancy in women with bipolar disorder. ACTRN12612000405819 Amelia Paterson Recruitment complete
RNOTT - Randomised trial of Nitric Oxide Tocolysis PT0397 Andrew Bitsis Recruitment complete
PIVOT - Parenteral intravenous optimal treatment for hypertensive emergencies in pregnancy PTO388 Annemarie Hennessy Recruitment complete
High flow support versus continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) support in non-acute respiratory support for preterm infants from 30 weeks corrected gestation ACTRN12610000677000 Ashley McEwan: ashley.mcewan@hotmail.com Recruitment complete Newborn respiratory
Supervised home-based exercise may attenuate the decline of glucose tolerance in obese pregnant women Assoc/Prof Kym Guelfi Recruitment complete Obesity
Intravenous iron sucrose versus oral iron ferrous sulfate for antenatal and post-partum iron deficiency anaemia: a randomised trial Bernd Froessler Recruitment complete
Effect of antireflux medication, placebo and infant mental health intervention on persistent crying: a randomized clinical trial Brigid Jordan Recruitment complete
Randomised controlled trial of a decision aid for labour analgesia for primiparous women PT0534/ISRCTN52287533/NHMRC253635&262047 Camille Raynes-Greenow Recruitment complete
DINO-II pilot study - Determining the docosahexaenoic acid dose to obtain plasma and erythrocyte phospholipid fatty acid profiles in preterm infants comparable to term infant profiles: a dose response pilot study. ACTRN12610000382077 carmel.collins@health.sa.gov.au Recruitment complete Newborn nutrition Infants born less than 33 weeks gestation after one but before five days of commencing any enteral feeds and with parental/guardian consent. Multiple births will be eligible and will be randomised individually. Women providing breast milk for their infant not taking DHA supplements or willing to stop taking supplements for duration study.
Effectiveness of a modified mother-infant transaction program on outcomes for preterm infants from 3 to 24 months of age carol.newnham@austin.org.au Recruitment complete Parenting
ACTS - Australasian Collaborative Trial of vitamin C and E supplementation for the prevention of pre-eclampsia ISRCTN00416244/NCT00097110/NHMRC207744 caroline.crowther@adelaide.edu.au Recruitment complete Preeclampsia. Maternal nutrition. Maternal medical conditions Nulliparous women with a singleton pregnancy, between 14-22 weeks gestation, a normal blood pressure
USES Trial - Women's Opinions and Experiences of Prenatal Screening for Down Syndrome PT0355 caroline.crowther@adelaide.edu.au Recruitment complete Fetal surveillance. Fetal anomaly Women at less than 14 weeks gestation who have not had a dating scan or nuchal translucency screening
Improving oral hygiene to reduce the risk of preterm birth: A randomised controlled trial assessing a high intensity educational intervention ACTRN12605000767606 caroline.crowther@adelaide.edu.au Discontinued Preterm birth ? prevention and treatment Women with a singleton pregnancy
The influence of acupuncture on the induction of labour for women with a post date pregnancy: a randomised controlled trial. PT0348 / ACTRN12606000494538 caroline.smith@uws.edu.au Recruitment complete Labour and intrapartum care Women > or = 41 weeks; singleton pregnancy; cephalic presentation
Expulsion of a retained placenta using acupuncture: a randomised controlled trial PT0347 caroline.smith@uws.edu.au Recruitment complete Labour and intrapartum care
Routine neonatal postextubation chest physiotherapy: A randomized controlled trial Catherine Bagley Recruitment complete
PINT study - Premature Infants In Need of Transfusion PTO387/NCT00182390 Chad Andersen Recruitment complete Babies with birth weight <1000g, postnatal age <48 hours, no transfusion beyond first 6 hours of life, estimated gestational age of 30 completed weeks or less
FOREMOST trial - Fetal intrapartum pulse oximetry: a multicentre randomised controlled trial PT0360/NHMRC301050/ACTRN012606000307505 Christine East Recruitment complete Labour and intrapartum care
BBB - Beating the Blues before Birth ACTRN12607000397415 Christopher Holt Recruitment complete Social and emotional wellbeing in pregnancy
Does telephone peer support and/or a midwife home visit in the early postnatal period increase breastfeeding duration? ISRCTN17386721 d.forster@latrobe.edu.au Discontinued Breastfeeding. Parental social and emotional wellbeing
Trial Evaluation of the VAMP (Venous/Arterial Blood Management Protection) closed method of blood sampling from arterial umbilical catheters in very low birth-weight neonates. PT0358 David Tudehope Recruitment complete
SMILE Study - Prevention of preterm birth by treatment of periodontal disease during pregnancy NCT00133926/NHMRC353577 ddoherty@obsgyn.uwa.edu.au Recruitment complete Preterm birth ? prevention and treatment
FRUIT-Study - Low-molecular-weight heparin added to aspirin in the prevention of recurrent early-onset pre-eclampsia in women with inheritable thrombophilia ISRCTN87325378 Department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology, VU University Medical Center, Amsterdam,
Prof JIP de Vries (Chief Investigator) jip.devries@vumc.nl
Recruitment complete Preeclampsia. Fetal growth. Maternal medical conditions women with previous pregnancy with hypertensive disease and/or SGA <34 weeks and an inheritable thrombophilia
PRIVA Trial - A comparison of the overall pain scores post caesarean section, when initial intraoperative analgesia is given intravenously (IV) versus per rectum (PR) ACTRN12614001144606 dlowen@gmp.usyd.edu.au Recruitment complete
PERUSAL - Pre-Epidural Rapid UltraSound assessment of Anatomical Landmarks in obese parturients ACTRN12610000228088 Dr Chris Mitchell Recruitment complete
Effect of position during bottle feeding on physiological stability in preterm infants ACTRN12611000944932 Dr Jennifer Dawson Recruitment complete Newborn nutrition
The efficacy and feasibility of progressive strength training in the management of glucose control in women with gestational diabetes ACTRN12605000378628 Elena Vulikh Recruitment complete Diabetes
HFNP WHO RCT - Pilot randomised control trial of high-flow nasal prong warm, humidified oxygen (HFNP WHO) compared to standard oxygen therapy ACTRN12612000685819 Elizabeth.Kepreotes@hnehealth.nsw.gov.au Recruitment complete
The effect of intrathecal pethidine on shivering in women having caesarean sections: a prospective randomised controlled trial ACTRN12605000065695 Gabe Snyder Recruitment complete
A pilot randomised control trial on maternal antenatal teaching for pushing in second stage of labour PUSH Study ACTRN12608000542392 hala.phipps@sswahs.nsw.gov.au Recruitment complete Labour and intrapartum care
POPOUT Study - Persistent Occipito-Posterior: Outcomes following digital rotation. ACTRN12609000833268 hala.phipps@sswahs.nsw.gov.au Recruitment complete