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Trial Name Trial ID Main Coordinating Centre
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Status Recruitment Topic Participants Details
A comparison of axillary and tympanic temperature recording in the preterm and term infant ACTRN12608000213347 The Townsville Hospital, Qld
Jacqueline Smith
Recruitment complete
A comparison of fentanyl with pethidine for pain relief during childbirth ACTRN126090001027202 Flinders University/Flinders Medical Centre
Julie Fleet
Recruitment complete Labour and intrapartum care
A comparison of Propofol and Suxamethonium as induction agents for neonatal endotracheal intubation PT0545 Julee Oei Recruitment complete Newborn respiratory. Newborn resuscitation
A comparison of two nasal continuous positive airway pressure interfaces - a randomized crossover study Middlemore Hospital/Univ of Auckland NZ
Recruitment complete
A double blind randomised controlled trial comparing the efficacy and safety of an olive oil based lipid emulsion (Clinoleic) to a soybean oil based lipid emulsion (Intralipid) in very preterm infants requiring parenteral nutrition Karen Simmer Recruitment complete
A double blind randomised controlled trial of Domperidone and Metoclopramide as pro-lactational agents in mothers of preterm infants PT0392 simon.james@flinders.edu.au Recruitment complete Breastfeeding
A double-blind randomised controlled trial of oxytocin bolus plus placebo infusion versus oxytocin bolus plus oxytocin infusion at elective caesarean section ACTRN12607000631404 Monash Medical Centre joanne.mockler@med.monash.edu.au Discontinued Labour and intrapartum care Singleton pregnancy, gestation 37 - 41 weeks, elective lower segment caesarean section, regional anaesthesia (spinal, epidural, combined spinal epidural (CSE))
A family tobacco control program to reduce respiratory illness in Indigenous infants. ACTRN12609000397213 Menzies School of Health Research/Royal Darwin Hospital Vanessa Johnston Recruitment complete Smoking in pregnancy. Indigenous maternal/perinatal health
A group randomised trial of two methods for disseminating a smoking cessation programme to public antenatal clinics: effects on patient outcomes Raoul Walsh Recruitment complete
A pilot randomised control trial on maternal antenatal teaching for pushing in second stage of labour PUSH Study ACTRN12608000542392 hala.phipps@sswahs.nsw.gov.au Recruitment complete Labour and intrapartum care
A pilot randomised controlled trial to determine the effect of a physiological (step) versus a standard action (slope) labour progress lines on the rate of spontaneous vaginal birth amongst low risk women in labour for the first time ACTRN12614000786695 Midwifery Research Unit, Mater Research Institute
Recruitment complete
A postnatal support program and its effect on breastfeeding duration PT0379 Sue McDonald Recruitment complete
A preventative intervention for illicit drug using mothers and their infants Sue McDonald Recruitment complete
A prospective randomised trial to study the effect of intravenous iron therapy versus the standard treatment with oral iron for women diagnosed with iron deficiency anaemia in pregnancy ACTRN12609000177257 Launceston General Hospital
Recruitment complete Maternal nutrition At risk women - dark skinned, veiled, Anyone with vitamin D deficiency that has not commenced treatment prior to recruitment
A randomised clinical trial at the time of spinal anaesthesia for elective caesarean section to investigate the effect of equipotent phenylephrine and metaraminol infusions on neonatal outcome ACTRN12612000996864 King Edward Memorial Hospital michael.paech@health.wa.gov.au Recruitment complete
A randomised controlled trial comparing daily (400 IU) and single bolus dosing (50,000 IU) of vitamin D in healthy breastfed infants of vitamin D deficient mothers ACTRN12613001234707 Sunshine Hospital
julie.huynh@wh.org.au; christine.rodda@unimelb.edu.au
Recruitment complete
A randomised controlled trial comparing immediate and controlled release oxycodone the day after caesarean section ACTRN12613000076774 Ipswich Hospital, QLD Anthony_Schoenwald@health.qld.gov.au Recruitment complete
A randomised controlled trial of a brief multi strategic child health nurse intervention to reduce infant secondhand smoke exposure ACTRN12614001032640 Hunter New England Health justine.daly@hnehealth.nsw.gov.au Recruitment complete
A randomised controlled trial of Baby Triple P: an evaluation of an antenatal parenting program to improve parental responsiveness in first-time parents ACTRN12613000948796 School of Psychology, University of Queensland mandy.mihelic@uq.net.au Recruitment complete
A randomised controlled trial of dark chocolate in pregnancy for reduction in incidence of pre-eclampsia ISRCTN41164968 John James Medical Centre, Australian National University
Recruitment complete Preeclampsia
A randomised controlled trial of psychological interventions for postnatal depression Jeannette Milgrom Recruitment complete
A randomised controlled trial of the effect of physiotherapy intervention on pelvic floor dysfunction in postpartum women PT0514 Laurie Breheny Recruitment complete
A randomised controlled trial on the effects of antenatal vitamin D supplementation to improve vitamin D levels in the maternal and cord blood at birth in vitamin D deficient pregnant women ACTRN12609000142235 Monash Medical Centre Recruitment complete Maternal nutrition
A randomised crossover trial of two algorithms for managing desaturation episodes in ventilated premature infants Recruitment complete
A Randomised Double Blind Crossover Trial of Intranasal Versus Epidural Fentanyl Patient Controlled Analgesia for Pain Relief after Caesarean Section ACTRN12605000327684 michael.paech@health.wa.gov.au Suspended
A randomised trial of sertraline, cognitive behaviour therapy & combined therapy for postnatal depression NCT02122393 Austin Health jeannette.milgrom@austin.org.au Recruitment complete
A randomized controlled trial of a specialized health coaching intervention to prevent excessive gestational weight gain and postpartum weight retention in women: the HIPP study ACTRN12611000331932 School of Psychology, Deakin University, 221 Burwood Highway, Burwood VIC 3125
Professor Helen Skouteris, Helen.skouteris@deakin.edu.au
Recruitment complete Gestational weight gain, postpartum weight retention, health coaching Pregnant women (n=262) less than 18 weeks gestation (at recruitment), are 18 years of age or older, English speaking, with a pre-pregnancy BMI > 18.5kg/m2, and have no history of disordered eating or diabetes
A*STEROID - Australasian Antenatal Study to Evaluate the Role Of Intramuscular Dexamethasone versus betamethasone prior to preterm birth to increase survival free of childhood neurosensory disability - a randomised controlled trial ACTRN12608000631303 The University of Adelaide / Women's & Children's Hospital pat.ashwood@adelaide.edu.au Recruitment complete Preterm birth ? improving outcomes (antenatal interventions). Newborn respiratory Women at risk of preterm birth at less than 34 weeks gestation, have a singleton or twin pregnancy and no contraindications to the use of antenatal corticosteroids
AC/VG BUR Study - Backup rate selection during neonatal assist control volume guarantee ventilation: a randomised crossover trial. ACTRN12610000884000 Royal Women's Hospital
Recruitment complete Newborn respiratory
AC/VG Flow Study - Ventilator circuit flow selection during neonatal assist control volume guarantee ventilation: a randomised crossover trial. ACTRN12610000885099 Kevin Wheeler Recruitment complete Newborn respiratory
AC/VG Pmax Study - Pressure limit selection during neonatal assist control volume guarantee ventilation: A randomised crossover trial. ACTRN12610000886088 kevin.wheeler@thewomens.org.au Recruitment complete Newborn respiratory
Accuracy of clinical assessment of infant heart rate in the delivery room Recruitment complete
ACTOMgSO4 - Australasian Collaborative Trial of Magnesium Sulphate for the Prevention of Mortality and Cerebral Palsy in Infants Born Very Preterm PT0354/ACTRN012606000252516 Adelaide Women's and Children's caroline.crowther@adelaide.edu.au Recruitment complete Preterm birth ? improving outcomes (antenatal interventions) Pregnant women of gestation less than 30 weeks where delivery is planned or definately expected within 24 hours
ACTORDS - Australasian Collaborative Trial of Repeat Doses of Corticosteroids for the Prevention of Neonatal Respiratory Disease ACTRN12606000318583; PT0349; ISRCTN48656428 Adelaide Women's and Children's
Recruitment complete Preterm birth improving outcomes (antenatal interventions). Newborn respiratory Singleton, twin or triplet pregnancy at less than 32 weeks gestation; 7 or more days since first corticosteroid treatment, remaining at risk of preterm delivery
ACTOTTAB - Twins: Timing of birth at Term PT0426/ISRCTN15761056 WCH, Adelaide Jodie Dodd Recruitment complete Labour and intrapartum care. Models of care Women with a twin pregnancy at 37 weeks gestation
ACTS - Australasian Collaborative Trial of vitamin C and E supplementation for the prevention of pre-eclampsia ISRCTN00416244/NCT00097110/NHMRC207744 caroline.crowther@adelaide.edu.au Recruitment complete Preeclampsia. Maternal nutrition. Maternal medical conditions Nulliparous women with a singleton pregnancy, between 14-22 weeks gestation, a normal blood pressure
AcuAnteDep - A pragmatic randomised controlled trial evaluating acupuncture as an antenatal intervention for the treatment of antenatal depression ACTRN12615000250538 NICM, Western Sydney University, caroline.smith@uws.edu.au Recruitment complete Antenatal depression, acupuncture, treatment Depressed pregnant women scoring 13 or more on the EDS at 24 weeks gestation
ADEPT - A randomised controlled trial of a decision aid for prenatal screening and diagnosis ACTRN012606000234516/NHMRC237124/PT0513/ISRCTN22532458 University of Melbourne Cate Nagle Recruitment complete
AMBIT - Australian Mothers and Babies Iron Trial NHMRC250431 Maria Makrides Recruitment complete Maternal nutrition
An early sleep psychoeducational intervention to improve sleep management and reduce depressive symptoms in new mothers ACTRN12611000859987 Woolcock Institute of Medical Research Liora.Kempler@sydney.edu.au Recruitment complete
An RCT of a personal financial incentive (PFI) intervention to reduce antenatal smoking in women receiving public antenatal care ACTRN12612000399897 University of Newcastle, Australia, Assoc Professor Marita Lynagh, Marita.Lynagh@newcastle.edu.au
Recruitment complete Smoking cessation, pregnancy, financial incentives A total of 42 women were recruited to participate in the trial, representing a consent rate of 17%
APTS - Australian Placental Transfusion Study NHMRC571309; ACTRN12610000633088 NHMRC Clinical Trials Centre, The University of Sydney, NSW apts@ctc.usyd.edu.au Recruitment complete
ARRIVaL - Artificial Rupture of membranes versus Repeat Intra-Vaginal prostaglandins for induction of labour: a randomised controlled trial ACTRN12613000370707 Mater Mothers` Research Centre, Mater Health Services michael.beckmann@mater.org.au Recruitment complete Labour and intrapartum care
Baby Biotics: Do probiotics help crying babies and their families? ISRCTN95287767 Royal Children's Hospital Dr Valerie Sung Recruitment complete
Baby Business: the first few months of life. The impact of a brief universal parenting program to prevent early infant sleep and cry problems and associated parental depression: a randomised controlled trial ISRCTN63834603 Centre for Community Child Health, Royal Children's Hospital Dr Harriet Hiscock Recruitment complete Parental social and emotional wellbeing
BAC - Birth after Caesarean. Planned vaginal birth or planned caesarean section for women at term with a single previous caesarean birth ISRCTN53974531/NHMRC349460 Maternal Perinatal Clinical Trials Unit, Adelaide Women's and Children's
Pat Ashwood
Recruitment complete Labour and intrapartum care Women with a single prior caesarean presenting in their next pregnancy with a single live fetus in cephalic presentation who have reached 37 weeks gestation, and who don't have a contraindication to a planned VBAC.
Balloon Trial - Caesarean section following induction of labour in nulliparous women with an unfavourable cervix: a comparison of three ripening agents - PGE2 Gel, single or double balloon catheter. ACTRN12609000186257 King Edward Memorial Hospital craig.pennell@uwa.edu.au Recruitment complete Labour and intrapartum care
BAMBINO - A randomized controlled trial using exercise to reduce gestational diabetes and other adverse maternal and neonatal outcomes in obese pregnant women - the pilot study ACTRN12606000271505 Katie Foxcroft katie_foxcroft@health.qld.gov.au Recruitment complete
BBB - Beating the Blues before Birth ACTRN12607000397415 Christopher Holt Recruitment complete Social and emotional wellbeing in pregnancy
BBBi - Beating the Blues before Birth (individual treatment) ACTRN12609000926235 Parent-Infant Research Institute, Austin Health, (03) 9496 4496, piri@austin.org.au
Recruitment complete Antenatal depression, cognitive-behavioural therapy, treatment Participants are women aged 18 years or over who are less than 32 weeks pregnant and who meet the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders Fourth Edition (DSM-IV) diagnostic criteria for either Major Depression, Minor Depression, Adjustment Disorder with depressed mood, or Adjustment Disorder with mixed anxiety and depressed mood.