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Status Recruitment Topic Participants Details
The virtual infant parenting program: a randomised controlled trial ISRCTN24952438 Centre for Devel Health, Curtin Heath Innov Res Inst, Curtin University of Technology Prof Sven Silburn Recruitment complete Parental social and emotional wellbeing
Three model care pathways for postnatal depression NCT01002027 Austin Health, Vic Jeanette Milgrom Recruitment complete Parental social and emotional wellbeing
TIC - Transition from Incubator to Open Cot: early versus late; a randomised, controlled trial PT0427; ACTRN12606000518561 Royal Brisbane & Women's Hospital Karen New Recruitment complete
TIDAL - Evaluation of different iron treatments of pregnant women with anaemia of pregnancy ACTRN12613000853741 Launceston General Hospital khalafallah@dhhs.tas.gov.au Not yet recruiting
TIGGA - Growth and nutritional status of infants fed formula based on goat milk or cow milk ACTRN12608000047392 Child Nutrition Research Women's & Children's Hospital Jo Zhou Recruitment complete Newborn nutrition Healthy term infants, birth weight >=2.5kg & <=4.75kg, mother is exclusively feeding an infant formula within 2 weeks of birth or plans to exclusively breastfeed for at least 4 months.
TILT - Timing of Induction of labour at Term. A Randomised Trial Jodie Dodd Labour and intrapartum care
TIPP - Trial of indomethacin prophylaxis in preterms NCT00009646 Peter Davis Recruitment complete
TIPPS - Thrombophilia in pregnancy prophylaxis study: a multicentre, multinational, randomised controlled trial of prophylactic low molecular weight heparin in high-risk pregnant thrombophilic women ISRCTN87441504 The University of Ottawa Hospital, Ontario, Canada, Professor Marc Rodger (Chief Investigator). Suzette Coat - Australian Coordinator Recruitment complete Preeclampsia. Fetal growth Pregnant women with thrombophilia at increased risk of venous thromboembolism or with previous placenta mediated pregnancy complication prior to 20 weeks gestation
TIPPS - Thrombophilia in Pregnancy Prophylaxis Study: a multicentre, multinational, randomised controlled trial of prophylactic low molecular weight heparin in high-risk pregnant thrombophilic women ACTRN12608000446369 The Ottawa Hospital, Civic Campus, Civic Parkdale Clinic, 463-737 Parkdale Ave, Ottawa, Ontario K1Y 4E9
Currently recruiting
To2rpido Study - Targeted Oxygenation in the Resuscitation of Premature Infants and their Developmental Outcome. (formally recorded as) Feasibility of Multinational Trial of Targeted Oxygen for the Resuscitation of Premature Infants and their Development ACTRN12610001059055 Dept of Newborn Care, Royal Hospital for Women, NSW ju.oei@sesiahs.health.nsw.gov.au Currently recruiting Newborn resuscitation
ToBOGM - The Treatment Of BOoking Gestational diabetes Mellitus Study: Evaluating the impact on obstetric outcomes of immediate versus delayed care for gestational diabetes diagnosed at booking ACTRN12616000924459 Western Sydney University, School of Medicine, Campbelltown, NSW 2751
Prof David Simmons
Not yet recruiting Pregnancy, gestational diabetes Pregnant women
TOBOGM -The Treatment Of BOoking Gestational diabetes Mellitus Pilot Study: Evaluating the impact on obstetric outcomes of immediate versus delayed care for gestational diabetes diagnosed at booking ACTRN12615000974505 University of Western Sydney da.simmons@uws.edu.au Currently recruiting Diabetes Pregnant women (aged >=18years) with a singleton pregnancy between 4 and 19+6 weeks? gestation, attending the hospital Book in clinic, with a risk factor for GDM warranting an OGTT according to ADIPS/local guidelines
TOCC - Timing of Cord Clamping Study: Early versus delayed cord clamping and is effects on infant heart rate and oxygen saturation in the first minutes after birth ACTRN12614000253606 The Royal Women's Hospital, Vic omar.kamlin@thewomens.org.au; jennifer.dawson@the womens.org.au Not yet recruiting
Tolerability and safety of olive oil-based lipid emulsion in critically ill neonates: a blinded randomized trial julie.bines@rch.org.au Recruitment complete Newborn nutrition
Torpido2 - Targeted Oxygenation in the Resuscitation of Premature Infants: Effects on Developmental Outcome ACTRN12615000115538 Royal Hospital for Women, Randwick j.oei@unsw.edu.au Not yet recruiting
Toward Parenthood: delivering an antenatal self-help intervention with telephone support for depression, anxiety and parenting difficulties - facilitating the perinatal health journey ACTRN12606000263594 Heidelberg Repatriation Hospital, Vic Jennifer Ericksen Recruitment complete
TRAMOD Trial - A comparison of the overall pain scores post elective caesarean section, when initial intraoperative analgesia is given intravenously (IV) versus per rectum (PR). ACTRN12615000997550 The Northern Hospital, Victoria, Dr. Darren Lowen, dlowen@gmp.usyd.edu.au Currently recruiting Elective caesarean section, peripartum analgesia Parturients aged 18+, requesting an elective caesarean section of a singleton pregnancy and able to understand English sufficiently well for a telephone conversation
Transversus abdominis plane block, performed by an ultrasound or landmark technique, as part of a multimodal analgesic regimen for post caesarean section analgesia: a randomised controlled trial King Edward Memorial Hospital for Women, Perth nolan.mcdonnell@health.wa.gov.au Not yet recruiting Labour and intrapartum care
Trial Evaluation of the VAMP (Venous/Arterial Blood Management Protection) closed method of blood sampling from arterial umbilical catheters in very low birth-weight neonates. PT0358 David Tudehope Recruitment complete
Trial of hydrocolloid dressing for preterm babies on nasal bubble CPAP Mater Hospital dianne.karamujic@mater.org.au Not yet recruiting
TRIGR - Primary Prevention Study for Type 1 Diabetes in Children at Risk NCT00179777 Neville Howard Recruitment complete
TRiM - Trial for Reducing Weight Retention in New Mums: a randomised controlled trial investigating the effectiveness of an innovative postpartum weight loss program in new mothers ACTRN12611000873921 shelley.wilkinson@mater.org.au Recruitment complete
Triple P - Infant Obesity. Efficacy of the Baby Healthy Living (Triple P) parenting intervention for parents of 4-18 month old babies at risk for infant obesity. ACTRN12614001010684 Parenting & Family Support Centre School of Psychology, University of Queensland a.gelmini@uq.edu.au Currently recruiting
Twin birth study (TBS): a multicentred randomised controlled trial comparing planned caesarean section with planned vaginal birth for twins at 32-38 weeks gestation PT0540/ISRCTN74420086/ACTRN12606000267550 University of Toronto Dalah Mason Recruitment complete Labour and intrapartum care Twins where twin A is cephalic, gestational age 32-38 weeks, estimated fetal weight 1500-4000g, both twins alive.
txt4two - Testing the feasibility of an intervention program to promote healthy nutrition, physical activity and weight gain in pregnant women ACTRN12614000288628 Dr Jane Wilcox, School of Exercise and Nutrition Sciences, Deakin University jwillcox@deakin.edu.au Recruitment complete Gestational weight gain, mHealth, nutrition
Eligible women were identified at their first hospital antenatal visit to a university-affiliated maternity hospital in Melbourne, Australia. Eligibility criteria included women with a singleton, live gestation between 10+0-17+6 weeks; self-reported pre-pregnancy BMI>25kg/m2; able to speak, read and write English; and owned a mobile phone.
UACC study - Umbilical Arterial Catheterisation Calculation Study PT0398 I M R Wright Recruitment complete
Ultrasound guided transverses abdominis plane (TAP) block for analgesia after caesarean surgery ACTRN12608000540314 Mater Misericordiae Health Services Brisbane Ltd Phillip Cowlishaw Recruitment complete
Ultrasound in the second stage of labour for fetal position ? a randomised controlled trial ACTRN12615001213538 Dept of Obstetrics & Gynaecology, Ipswich Hospital kassam_mahomed@health.qld.gov.au Currently recruiting
USES Trial - Women's Opinions and Experiences of Prenatal Screening for Down Syndrome PT0355 caroline.crowther@adelaide.edu.au Recruitment complete Fetal surveillance. Fetal anomaly Women at less than 14 weeks gestation who have not had a dating scan or nuchal translucency screening
Using the Internet to support breastfeeding duration in regional Western Australia ACTRN12610000062022 Curtin University of Technology Office of Research and Development R.Giglia@exchange.curtin.edu.au Recruitment complete Breastfeeding
VBAC - A randomised controlled trial to determine whether continuity of care increases the rate of attempted vaginal birth after caesarean ACTRN12611001214921 University of Technology, Sydney caroline.homer@uts.edu.au Currently recruiting
VIBES PLUS - A randomised trial of preventative care at home in very preterm infants on neurosensory outcome at 2 years of age ACTRN12605000492651 Royal Women's Hospital, Vic Lex Doyle Recruitment complete
VINE Study - Videolaryngoscopy for Intubation of Neonates: an Evaluation - a randomised controlled study ACTRN12613000159752 Department of Newborn Research, Royal Women's Hospital, Vic joyce.oshea@thewomens.org.au Not yet recruiting Newborn resuscitation. Newborn respiratory
VITAL Trial - The effects of vitamin D supplementation in infancy on immune development ACTRN12612000787886 Childhood Allergy and Immunology Research, University of Western Australia, Dr Debbie Palmer, Ph: + 61 410 851 607, debbie.palmer@uwa.edu.au
Recruitment complete Vitamin D, infants, immune development Infants with a family history of allergic disease
Walking versus lying to prevent hypotension following spinal anaesthesia for caesarean section ACTRN12606000391572 allan Cyna Recruitment complete Labour and intrapartum care. Maternal medical conditions Pregnant women having spinal anaesthesia prior to caesarean section
WASH*T - Effect of transfusion of washed red blood cells on neonatal outcome: a randomised controlled trial ACTRN12613000237785 Women's & Children's Hospital, SA michael.stark@adelaide.edu.au Currently recruiting Transfusion, Immunology and Neonatal Outcomes Infants born with a gestational age up to 28 weeks 6 days clinically requiring a packed red blood cell transfusion transfusion.
WEAVE - Women's Evaluation of Abuse and Violence Care in General Practice: a cluster randomised controlled trial ACTRN12608000032358 University of Melbourne Lorna J O'Doherty Recruitment complete Family violence
Weighing pregnant women to achieve ideal weight gains in pregnancy ACTRN12607000272493 Mercy Hospital Recruitment complete Obesity
WENDY - Walking for Exercise and Nutrition to prevent Diabetes for You ACTRN12611000075987 / NCT01247753 University of Michigan & Mater Mothers Hospital apeacock@mmri.mater.org.au Currently recruiting Diabetes
WILD A - Women and the Induction of Labour Dilemma-Trial A PT0519 Mater Mothers Hospital, Brisbane Paul Devenish-Meares Recruitment complete
WILD B - Women and the Induction of Labour Dilemma-Trial B PT0520 Jocelyn Toohill Discontinued
WIP - Weighing In Pregnancy ACTRN12610000331033 The Royal Women's Hospital, Vic Fiona Brownfoot Recruitment complete
WIPPET - The effect of levobupivicaine Wound Infusion, for 24 hours, on Postoperative Pain after caEsarean secTion - a prospective, randomised, double-blind parallel-group placebo controlled clinical trial ACTRN12605000241639 Michael Paech Discontinued
World Maternal Antifibrinolytic Trial (WOMAN) - Tranexamic acid for the treatment of postpartum haemorrhage: an international, randomised, double blind, placebo controlled trial. ISRCTN76912190/ NCT00872469 Clinical Trials Unit, London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine
thewomantrial@lshtm.ac.uk, http://www.womantrial.lshtm.ac.uk/
Recruitment complete Maternal Health, Postpartum Haemorrhage Adult women, after delivery who have clinically diagnosed postpartum haemorrhage, are eligible if the responsible doctor is for any reason substantially uncertain whether or not to use an antifibrinolytic agent. 20 060 women were enrolled by the end of the trial.