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Status Recruitment Topic Participants Details
PINT study - Premature Infants In Need of Transfusion PTO387/NCT00182390 Chad Andersen Recruitment complete Babies with birth weight <1000g, postnatal age <48 hours, no transfusion beyond first 6 hours of life, estimated gestational age of 30 completed weeks or less
IMPACT Online Study - Improving Public Awareness of Clinical Trials through online questionnaires ACTRN12613001337763 NHMRC Clinical Trials Centre, University of Sydney williamtm@med.usyd.edu.au Not yet recruiting
LEAP-1 - Lactoferrin trial: bovine lactoferrin or ferrous sulphate ACTRN12614000988651 NHMRC Clinical Trials Centre, University of Sydney williamtm@med.usyd.edu.au Not yet recruiting
Trial Evaluation of the VAMP (Venous/Arterial Blood Management Protection) closed method of blood sampling from arterial umbilical catheters in very low birth-weight neonates. PT0358 David Tudehope Recruitment complete
MMB: MumMoodBooster - Web-based cognitive behavioural therapy for women with postnatal depression ACTRN12613000113752 Parent-Infant Research Institute, Heidelberg Repatriation Hospital VIC jeannette.milgrom@austin.org.au Recruitment complete
PRIVA Trial - A comparison of the overall pain scores post caesarean section, when initial intraoperative analgesia is given intravenously (IV) versus per rectum (PR) ACTRN12614001144606 dlowen@gmp.usyd.edu.au Recruitment complete
Triple P - Infant Obesity. Efficacy of the Baby Healthy Living (Triple P) parenting intervention for parents of 4-18 month old babies at risk for infant obesity. ACTRN12614001010684 Parenting & Family Support Centre School of Psychology, University of Queensland a.gelmini@uq.edu.au Currently recruiting
PERUSAL - Pre-Epidural Rapid UltraSound assessment of Anatomical Landmarks in obese parturients ACTRN12610000228088 Dr Chris Mitchell Recruitment complete
Evaluation of the online Cry Baby program: a universal online program that aims to increase parent understanding of normal infant sleeping and crying patterns and reduce associated parental depression and fatigue Cry Baby ACTRN12613001098729 Parenting Research Centre, Melbourne, Vic. fcook@parentingrc.org.au Currently recruiting
HFNP WHO RCT - Pilot randomised control trial of high-flow nasal prong warm, humidified oxygen (HFNP WHO) compared to standard oxygen therapy ACTRN12612000685819 Elizabeth.Kepreotes@hnehealth.nsw.gov.au Recruitment complete
The effect of intrathecal pethidine on shivering in women having caesarean sections: a prospective randomised controlled trial ACTRN12605000065695 Gabe Snyder Recruitment complete
POPOUT Study - Persistent Occipito-Posterior: Outcomes following digital rotation. ACTRN12609000833268 hala.phipps@sswahs.nsw.gov.au Recruitment complete
Probiotic Allergy Prevention Study ACTRN12606000280505 Princess Margaret Hospital, WA Susan Prescott Recruitment complete
Shift your Risk - The feasibility and efficacy of an individualised approach to increase physical activity among women with previous gestational diabetes mellitus. ACTRN12608000280303 HD McIntyre Recruitment complete
Assessment of pregnant women undertaking daily weighing, compared to standard care, in gaining target pregnancy weight gain ACTRN12613001165774 Redcliffe Hospital, QLD s.mcgrath@uq.edu.au Not yet recruiting
Hydrocortisone Trial Early adrenal insufficiency in very premature infants PT0364 Helen Liley Recruitment complete
UACC study - Umbilical Arterial Catheterisation Calculation Study PT0398 I M R Wright Recruitment complete
Immunogenicity and safety of acellular pertussis vaccine given at birth in healthy infants ACTRN12609000905268 Royal Alexandra Hospital for Children, Westmead nicholw3@chrv.edu.au Currently recruiting
Getting Research into practice - a randomised controlled trial of an educational intervention aimed at increasing the uptake of evidence based guidelines for term prom and for early onset GBS disease J King Recruitment complete
CHOPP (Childhood Obesity Primary Prevention) Study - A pregnancy intervention to reduce postprandial glucose excursions in the primary prevention of paediatric obesity ISRCTN10344179 j.brandmiller@mmb.usyd.edu.au Discontinued
TIC - Transition from Incubator to Open Cot: early versus late; a randomised, controlled trial PT0427; ACTRN12606000518561 Royal Brisbane & Women's Hospital Karen New Recruitment complete
NUMB - Neuraxial Ultrasound for Maternal Backs. Ulrasound-Assisted Neuraxial Anaesthesia for Caesarean Section ACTRN12614000076673 Royal Brisbane & Womens Hospital, Herston QLD bencrooke@hotmail.com Currently recruiting
Protein in Preterm Infant Nutrition ACTRN12606000525583 Jacqueline Miller Recruitment complete
Randomised controlled trial of headbox oxygen versus CPAP for neonatal respiratory distress in non-tertiary hospitals Bubbles for Babies PT0401/ACTRN012606000264583/NHMRC253790 Jan Foster Recruitment complete
ICE - Infant Cooling Evaluation Trial ACTRN012606000036516; NHMRC216725; PTO367; Royal Children's Hospital , Vic Susan Jacobs Recruitment complete
Does measuring respiratory function improve neonatal ventilation? Jan Klimek Recruitment complete
GAS study - A multisite randomised controlled trial comparing regional and general anaesthesia for effects on neurodevelopmental outcome and apnoea in infants. ACTRN12606000441516 / NCT00756600 Royal Children's Hospital Andrew Davidson Recruitment complete
Baby Biotics: Do probiotics help crying babies and their families? ISRCTN95287767 Royal Children's Hospital Dr Valerie Sung Recruitment complete
IMPRINT - A randomised controlled trial of an adaptive working memory training intervention in very preterm children ACTRN12612000124831 Royal Childrens' Hospital peter.anderson@mcri.edu.au Recruitment complete
Sensitivity training for parents of preterm infants NCT00883974 Jeanette Milgrom Recruitment complete
Randomised, double-blind, placebo-controlled trial of aminophylline in infants less than 12 months of age with bronchiolitis who require intensive care, to assess if aminophylline is superior to placebo in reducing the duration of ventilatory support ACTRN12608000608369 Royal Children's Hospital, Vic frank.shann@rch.org.au Recruitment complete
A randomised controlled trial of psychological interventions for postnatal depression Jeannette Milgrom Recruitment complete
NEST - Neonatal Electrographic Seizure Trial ACTRN12611000327987 Royal Children's Hospital, Victoria Samantha Francis-Pester, Neonatal Research Level 4, West Building, Murdoch Childrens Research Institute, The Royal Children's Hospital, Melbourne Currently recruiting
Evaluation of a couple-based program for promoting positive transition to parenthood ACTRN12607000026426 Jemima Petch Recruitment complete
In extremely low birth weight (ELBW) infants who require positive pressure at birth does the Neopuff Infant Resuscitator compared with the Laerdal Infant bag improve oxygen saturation measurements in the first 10 minutes of life? Resuscitation Trial ACTRN12607000062426 Jennifer Dawson Recruitment complete
Less MAS - Controlled trial of therapeutic lung lavage in meconium aspiration syndrome ACTRN12606000290594/PT0535 Royal Hobart Hospital, Tas Bev Copnell Recruitment complete
WILD B - Women and the Induction of Labour Dilemma-Trial B PT0520 Jocelyn Toohill Discontinued
Torpido2 - Targeted Oxygenation in the Resuscitation of Premature Infants: Effects on Developmental Outcome ACTRN12615000115538 Royal Hospital for Women, Randwick j.oei@unsw.edu.au Not yet recruiting
NIP Study - Neonatal Inhaled Pentoxifylline for early and delayed treatment of chronic lung disease PTO389 John Sinn Suspended
Candida in Pregnancy Study (CiPS) - Treatment of asymptomatic candidiasis in pregnant women for the prevention of preterm birth NHMRC 632532; ACTRN12610000607077 Royal North Shore Hospital krrickar@nsccahs.health.nsw.gov.au Currently recruiting
Positioning to improve lung function in preterm infants requiring ventilatory support ACTRN12606000210572 judith.hough@mater.org.au Recruitment complete
The effect of active chest physiotherapy techniques on regional ventilation on preterm infants on ventilatory support ACTRN12606000211561 Judy Hough Recruitment complete
APProve: CAn Probiotics ImPROVE Breastfeeding Outcomes? ACTRN12615000923561 Royal North Shore Hospital, St Leonards natasha.nassar@sydney.edu.au Currently recruiting
Optimisation of Glycaemic Control in the Setting of Antenatal Corticosteroid Administration in Pregnancies Complicated by Diabetes ACTRN12614001083684 Royal Prince Alfred Hospital arianne.sweeting@sswahs.nsw.gov.au Not yet recruiting
HEADS UP Study. A Randomised Controlled Clinical Trial comparing C-MAC (Trademark) Videolaryngoscope Intubation with Direct Laryngoscope Intubation in Neonates. ACTRN12614001134617 Royal Prince Alfred Hospital, Camperdown Sarah.Bellhouse@sswahs.nsw.gov.au Not yet recruiting
Efficacy of an oral health promotion intervention in the prevention of early childhood caries Kamila Plutzer Recruitment complete
Phototherapy and Patency of the Ductus Arteriosus in Extremely Preterm infants: A randomised Trial Karen Simmer Recruitment complete
A double blind randomised controlled trial comparing the efficacy and safety of an olive oil based lipid emulsion (Clinoleic) to a soybean oil based lipid emulsion (Intralipid) in very preterm infants requiring parenteral nutrition Karen Simmer Recruitment complete
Post partum hypertension risk after non-steroidal analgesic use (excluding paracetamol) PT0522 Royal Prince Alfred Hospital, NSW<br>Campbelltown Hospital, NSW ahennes@renal.rpa.cs.nsw.gov.au Currently recruiting
BAMBINO - A randomized controlled trial using exercise to reduce gestational diabetes and other adverse maternal and neonatal outcomes in obese pregnant women - the pilot study ACTRN12606000271505 Katie Foxcroft katie_foxcroft@health.qld.gov.au Recruitment complete