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Trial Name Trial ID Main Coordinating Centre
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Status Recruitment Topic Participants Details
Perinatal treatment of depression ACTRN12609000831280 Royal Brisbane Hospital Sally Matherson Suspended Parental social and emotional wellbeing
NIP Study - Neonatal Inhaled Pentoxifylline for early and delayed treatment of chronic lung disease PTO389 John Sinn Suspended
A Randomised Double Blind Crossover Trial of Intranasal Versus Epidural Fentanyl Patient Controlled Analgesia for Pain Relief after Caesarean Section ACTRN12605000327684 michael.paech@health.wa.gov.au Suspended
Comparison of the EpiSure Autodetect syringe with the Portex loss-of-resistance syringe: a randomised controlled trial ACTRN12609000041257 King Edward Memorial Hospital, WA Suspended
PINT study - Premature Infants In Need of Transfusion PTO387/NCT00182390 Chad Andersen Recruitment complete Babies with birth weight <1000g, postnatal age <48 hours, no transfusion beyond first 6 hours of life, estimated gestational age of 30 completed weeks or less
FOREMOST trial - Fetal intrapartum pulse oximetry: a multicentre randomised controlled trial PT0360/NHMRC301050/ACTRN012606000307505 Christine East Recruitment complete Labour and intrapartum care
BBB - Beating the Blues before Birth ACTRN12607000397415 Christopher Holt Recruitment complete Social and emotional wellbeing in pregnancy
Folic Acid Clinic Trial (FACT) - Effect of folic acid supplementation in pregnancy on pre-eclampsia ISRCTN23781770; NCT01355159 Ottawa Health Research Institute, Ottawa, Canada bill.hague@adelaide.edu.au Recruitment complete Preeclampsia
BBBi - Beating the Blues before Birth (individual treatment) ACTRN12609000926235 Parent-Infant Research Institute, Austin Health, (03) 9496 4496, piri@austin.org.au
Recruitment complete Antenatal depression, cognitive-behavioural therapy, treatment Participants are women aged 18 years or over who are less than 32 weeks pregnant and who meet the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders Fourth Edition (DSM-IV) diagnostic criteria for either Major Depression, Minor Depression, Adjustment Disorder with depressed mood, or Adjustment Disorder with mixed anxiety and depressed mood.
Trial Evaluation of the VAMP (Venous/Arterial Blood Management Protection) closed method of blood sampling from arterial umbilical catheters in very low birth-weight neonates. PT0358 David Tudehope Recruitment complete
HUGS - Early intervention to protect the mother-infant relationship following postnatal depression - a randomised controlled trial ACTRN12612001110875 Parent-Infant Research Institute, Austin Health, (03) 9496 4496, piri@austin.org.au
Recruitment complete Postnatal depression, mother-infant interaction Women aged 18 years or older with an infant aged 3-9 months and a clinical diagnosis of current major or minor depressive episode
SMILE Study - Prevention of preterm birth by treatment of periodontal disease during pregnancy NCT00133926/NHMRC353577 ddoherty@obsgyn.uwa.edu.au Recruitment complete Preterm birth ? prevention and treatment
MMB: MumMoodBooster - Web-based cognitive behavioural therapy for women with postnatal depression ACTRN12613000113752 Parent-Infant Research Institute, Heidelberg Repatriation Hospital VIC jeannette.milgrom@austin.org.au Recruitment complete
FRUIT-Study - Low-molecular-weight heparin added to aspirin in the prevention of recurrent early-onset pre-eclampsia in women with inheritable thrombophilia ISRCTN87325378 Department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology, VU University Medical Center, Amsterdam,
Prof JIP de Vries (Chief Investigator) jip.devries@vumc.nl
Recruitment complete Preeclampsia. Fetal growth. Maternal medical conditions women with previous pregnancy with hypertensive disease and/or SGA <34 weeks and an inheritable thrombophilia
Help-seeking for postnatal depression as a major public health problem: A cluster randomised controlled trial of motivational interviewing ACTRN12611000635965 Parent-Infant Research Institute, Austin Health, (03) 9496 4496, piri@austin.org.au
Recruitment complete Motivational interviewing, postnatal depression Women with a 4-week old baby
PRIVA Trial - A comparison of the overall pain scores post caesarean section, when initial intraoperative analgesia is given intravenously (IV) versus per rectum (PR) ACTRN12614001144606 dlowen@gmp.usyd.edu.au Recruitment complete
PERUSAL - Pre-Epidural Rapid UltraSound assessment of Anatomical Landmarks in obese parturients ACTRN12610000228088 Dr Chris Mitchell Recruitment complete
Effect of position during bottle feeding on physiological stability in preterm infants ACTRN12611000944932 Dr Jennifer Dawson Recruitment complete Newborn nutrition
The efficacy and feasibility of progressive strength training in the management of glucose control in women with gestational diabetes ACTRN12605000378628 Elena Vulikh Recruitment complete Diabetes
Omega-3 fatty acids as a treatment for perinatal depression: randomized double-blind placebo-controlled trial Prince Alfred Hospital/University of New South Wales Recruitment complete Social and emotional wellbeing in pregnancy
HFNP WHO RCT - Pilot randomised control trial of high-flow nasal prong warm, humidified oxygen (HFNP WHO) compared to standard oxygen therapy ACTRN12612000685819 Elizabeth.Kepreotes@hnehealth.nsw.gov.au Recruitment complete
Efficacy and safety of a novel fish oil based lipid emulsion (SMOFlipid) compared with olive oil based lipid emulsion (Clinoneic) in term and near-term (>34 weeks) neonates - a randomised controlled trial ACTRN12609000337279 Princess Margaret Hospital for Children, WA girish.deshpande@health.wa.gov.au Recruitment complete Newborn nutrition
The effect of intrathecal pethidine on shivering in women having caesarean sections: a prospective randomised controlled trial ACTRN12605000065695 Gabe Snyder Recruitment complete
IFOS - The Infant Fish Oil Supplementation Study ACTRN12606000281594 Princess Margaret Hospital
S J Meldrum
Recruitment complete Newborn nutrition
A pilot randomised control trial on maternal antenatal teaching for pushing in second stage of labour PUSH Study ACTRN12608000542392 hala.phipps@sswahs.nsw.gov.au Recruitment complete Labour and intrapartum care
QuEST Trial - Questioning the role of egg in lactation for induction of specific tolerance ACTRN12613000643774 Princess Margaret Hospital, Subiaco, WA debbie.palmer@uwa.edu.au Recruitment complete Allergens and epitopes, clinical immunology, food allergy, pediatrics, prevention
POPOUT Study - Persistent Occipito-Posterior: Outcomes following digital rotation. ACTRN12609000833268 hala.phipps@sswahs.nsw.gov.au Recruitment complete
Probiotic Allergy Prevention Study ACTRN12606000280505 Princess Margaret Hospital, WA Susan Prescott Recruitment complete
Shift your Risk - The feasibility and efficacy of an individualised approach to increase physical activity among women with previous gestational diabetes mellitus. ACTRN12608000280303 HD McIntyre Recruitment complete
Hydrocortisone Trial Early adrenal insufficiency in very premature infants PT0364 Helen Liley Recruitment complete
Brief antenatal cognitive behaviour therapy group intervention for the prevention of postnatal depression and anxiety: a randomised controlled trial RHW, Sydney Recruitment complete Parental social and emotional wellbeing
UACC study - Umbilical Arterial Catheterisation Calculation Study PT0398 I M R Wright Recruitment complete
Getting Research into practice - a randomised controlled trial of an educational intervention aimed at increasing the uptake of evidence based guidelines for term prom and for early onset GBS disease J King Recruitment complete
CUT Trial - A prospective, randomised study Comparing cUrved versus straighT scissors to reduce episiotomy extension ACTRN12612000285853 Royal Brisbane & Women's Hospital angela_swift@health.qld.gov.au Recruitment complete Labour and intrapartum care
TIC - Transition from Incubator to Open Cot: early versus late; a randomised, controlled trial PT0427; ACTRN12606000518561 Royal Brisbane & Women's Hospital Karen New Recruitment complete
PRIME - The effect of midwife-led counselling on mental health outcomes for women experiencing a traumatic childbirth: a randomised controlled trial ACTRN12610000098033 j.gamble@griffith.edu.au Recruitment complete Parental social and emotional wellbeing
Protein in Preterm Infant Nutrition ACTRN12606000525583 Jacqueline Miller Recruitment complete
Intravenous oxytocin bolus of 2 units is superior to 5 units during elective caesarean section james_sartain@health.qld.gov.au Recruitment complete Labour and intrapartum care
Randomised controlled trial of headbox oxygen versus CPAP for neonatal respiratory distress in non-tertiary hospitals Bubbles for Babies PT0401/ACTRN012606000264583/NHMRC253790 Jan Foster Recruitment complete
ICE - Infant Cooling Evaluation Trial ACTRN012606000036516; NHMRC216725; PTO367; Royal Children's Hospital , Vic Susan Jacobs Recruitment complete
Does measuring respiratory function improve neonatal ventilation? Jan Klimek Recruitment complete
GAS study - A multisite randomised controlled trial comparing regional and general anaesthesia for effects on neurodevelopmental outcome and apnoea in infants. ACTRN12606000441516 / NCT00756600 Royal Children's Hospital Andrew Davidson Recruitment complete
Gestational Diabetes: pregnancy outcomes in treatment with metformin compared with insulin MIG PT0521: ACTRN012605000266662 Janet Rowan Recruitment complete Diabetes. Newborn ? developmental
Baby Biotics: Do probiotics help crying babies and their families? ISRCTN95287767 Royal Children's Hospital Dr Valerie Sung Recruitment complete
The effect of a low glycemic index diet during pregnancy on obstetric outcomes JC Brand Miller Recruitment complete Maternal nutrition
IMPRINT - A randomised controlled trial of an adaptive working memory training intervention in very preterm children ACTRN12612000124831 Royal Childrens' Hospital peter.anderson@mcri.edu.au Recruitment complete
Sensitivity training for parents of preterm infants NCT00883974 Jeanette Milgrom Recruitment complete
Randomised, double-blind, placebo-controlled trial of aminophylline in infants less than 12 months of age with bronchiolitis who require intensive care, to assess if aminophylline is superior to placebo in reducing the duration of ventilatory support ACTRN12608000608369 Royal Children's Hospital, Vic frank.shann@rch.org.au Recruitment complete
A randomised controlled trial of psychological interventions for postnatal depression Jeannette Milgrom Recruitment complete
Evaluation of a couple-based program for promoting positive transition to parenthood ACTRN12607000026426 Jemima Petch Recruitment complete